Riding horses is an incredibly demanding sport and anyone who says otherwise has not spent enough time in the saddle! From carrying heavy hay bales to saddling up, Riding Strong can help! 

In today's world, most of us do not spend the whole day in the saddle. We go about our daily activities, often ignoring our own health and fitness. When it becomes time to ride or spend time with our four-legged friends we run into a problem: we can't physically do it.

Contrary to what non-horse people think, this is a physically demanding sport. Grain bags and hay bales can weight 40-80 lbs. Saddles can  be 15-60 lbs. We need to be able to hold that weight and move it efficiently without injury. Then there is mucking stall, filling waters, grooming, and much more. And we haven't even stepped onto the horse yet.

Priming your body away from the barn can bring value to your time there.


By incorporating a well-rounded, personalized routine, Riding Strong will help you on your journey.

We will do weight training, cardiovascular training and more that is specific to the horse-back rider to insure safety, confidence and enjoyment with your horse. 

By developing Strength, Balance, Endurance, Flexibility and Confidence, you will be ready to ride! 

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