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How It All Started

Fitness and horses; how does that even come together? Growing up I was fortunate enough to have started martial arts at a very young age and horseback riding lessons soon followed. I was hooked to both from the beginning! I pursued both all the way through my senior year of high school. During my last year of high school I had my first of four foot surgeries. Telling an active 18 year old kid to be still is a hard thing to do! When I was cleared to ride again, I noticed something: my body didn't perform the way it should have been. I couldn't keep my legs underneath my hips, the saddle felt heavier, climbing onto my 16hh gelding seemed that much harder and it all was so frustrating! My body wouldn't do what I needed it to do. Summer finished up, I got stronger and I went to college at Laramie County Community College in Cheyenne, Wy.

In Cheyenne I was blessed to be apart of the equine science program, colt starting program, ranch horse team and equestrian team. I was in horse heaven. In the two years I was there, I had another 2 foot surgeries with each one taking a little less time to heal. Why did I bounce back seemingly faster from the third surgery compared to the first? By the third surgery I was working out consistently in the gym and at the martial arts school, so by the time I was horse back again I was already in relatively good shape for someone who had been rehabilitating a foot for 10 weeks. It was at that point my passion for fitness took off.

After I left Cheyenne I transferred to Colorado State University in Fort Collins, CO and finished my degree in Agricultural Business. But during those 2 years I also became a certified personal trainer and started working at the 24 Hour Fitness in town. I loved it! Sharing my love of fitness was the best thing but something was missing; the horse. I lost time with my horses through being a full time student and working at the gym. It was at this point I started helping a local horse trainer in town. Through that experience I noticed something: most of her clientele had "problems" because their bodies couldn't do it. From remaining balanced to putting a saddle on their horse's back, they couldn't physically do it. From here Riding Strong Ltd.  was born. I so desperately want to help people in the "fitness world" so they can better enjoy their "horse world." Changing one thing physically on the person will mean a world of difference to the horse, which can mean a world of difference to the rider. 

I strive to bring the absolute best to every single person I come in contact with, be it through fitness, horses or both. Come join me and together we can accomplish your goals. 

So, are you ready to ride?

-Sara Ostrand, owner/founder

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