You’ve Started, Now What? 3 Tips to Keep You Going

September 9, 2017


That first step of starting a transformation journey is one of the hardest steps. You had to step out of your comfort zone and really make a leap of faith to start. And that is amazing!! You should be proud of yourself for starting and I am proud of you. But now it has been a few weeks, the new and exciting shine has begun to wear off, and the next thought you have is “now what?” Keep reading for 3 helpful tips to keep the momentum going!

1. Be patient. These transformations take time. It can sometimes take weeks before you start to see huge changes, and that’s ok. Each person is different and each person will have their own unique transformation. But remember, it did not take you 6 weeks to get to where you are. If you have been living a certain way for years it will take time to change. So, do not be discourage when the results are not quite where you thought they were. It is ok! And you are doing amazing. Just practice patience.

2. Switch it up! If you have been doing the same routine for 6 weeks, it’s time change it up. Not only will it help you physically but it will also help you mentally. The body is an amazing unit that can adapt and become more efficient at any task, including working out. So, changing a routine up is a great way to keep the body from adapting too drastically. Changing a routine is also great mentally. It gives you something new to work on!

3. Evaluate your diet. Guys, I get it. When you have made this huge lifestyle change and you are working on your transformation, that usually means you have changed how you eat. That might mean you are consuming less of your favorite grub. And as time goes on, you might be sneaking more and more of that favorite food in. Be honest with yourself. As you are working away at this transformation, and maybe results aren’t where you would like them, be sure to look at what you are eating. It’s easy to sneak things in, but when you take an honest look at it and really look at what you’re doing, you just might be shocked!

There you have it everyone! Give these a try and let me know how it goes. Have a wonderful week everyone!!

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