3 Ways to Start When You Don’t Know How

August 26, 2017


Starting a fitness journey can be scary. There are so many different opinions from online sources, to your favorite social media influencer, to the local trainer at the gym, to family, to friends, and to just about anyone you talk to. It can be overwhelming and before you have even started you are ready to give up. Ugh, guys, I get it. So how about finding a couple easy steps to get you moving in the right direction!

Step 1:  The Buddy System


Find a buddy. The buddy system is not just for grade schoolers. When it comes to starting this new fitness journey, having someone do it with you can be a great asset! They can help motivate you and keep you accountable for when you absolutely are not feeling it. Some ideas might include grabbing your best friend and trying the new class at your local gym. You might even recruit a coworker to take walks with you at lunch time and keep you accountable during the work day when all the good snacks are out. Maybe you recruit your pooch to be your new walking buddy every day (I am positive they would love that!) Whomever you might pick, pick someone who is sure to encourage you and make this new journey an enjoyable one!

Step 2: Keep it Simple


I have found that the more complex someone makes a new diet or fitness routine, the more likely they will go back to old habits in times of stress. So, the best thing you can do for yourself is to keep things as simple as possible while still promoting a change. How might that look? When changing a diet, pick a leaner cut of meat, add veggies into every meal, switch of sweets with fruit, and add more water into your day. Making small swaps everyday will add up over time. And as you gain more confidence and feel capable of these changes, then you can add more! For exercise, you can add in a few more walks throughout the week, go to a new class at your gym, or even just park your car further from where you need to be. Again, little changes add up quick! So, discount the simple changes, they work for a reason!

Step 3: Take Pictures and Make Notes


Huh? How will this help me start? When you first start a program, you are generally very excited to see big changes and see progress fast. And while the enthusiasm is amazing, it doesn’t always work that way. In fact, it rarely does. So, when you take progress pictures, make notes on how you’re feeling, and keep record of all the changes, it will help you track progress when you don’t see the scale move or see the big changes right away. So, when you are 4 weeks, you can compare picture from Week 1 to Week 4, you can see how much you really have done!

Change can be scary, but by taking a couple extra steps your fitness journey can be rewarding and more stress free. Just remember, you are worth it. Taking the time to better yourself is an investment in you and your future. So, let’s get to it!


Are you ready to ride?

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