Fearing to Fail

August 12, 2017


What is your biggest fear? Death? Poverty? Sickness? What about failure? If, while reading this, you nodded your head yes to failure, you are not alone. Many of us are fearful of failing. But it is that fear of failing that often leads us to not even beginning.


When it comes to fitness journeys, I have seen people lose 30+ plus and change the course of their lives. I have also see people stall after 5 pounds lost because they do not see it as possible. They say “see? All of this hard work and only 5 pounds! I must be doing something wrong, therefore I won’t even continue to try.” Does that sound like you? Again, you are not alone.


In Christy Wright’s book “Business Boutique”, she has a quote that says this: And fear doesn’t mean you’re doing something bad. It means you’re doing something bold. The absence of fear does not mean you are doing the correct thing while the presence of fear does not mean you are doing the wrong thing either.


So, what are you fearing to fail at? Starting that new 2-year-old colt that just stepped off the trailer? How about the new fitness regimen that you keep telling yourself you’ll do every January 1st? Or is it taking yourself to a horse show/rodeo/competition that is out of town that you’ve never been to? Any new adventure or any new path is daunting. It causes anxiety and fear from the newness and usually is very uncomfortable. But it is in the moments of discomfort that we find growth. It is facing that obstacle head on that allows us to become a better version of ourselves. What’s stopping you?


What is your goal? What is your “why”? What makes you want to get out of bed every morning and do things you do not want to do? Is it your kids? Your family? How about the innate desire to be successful? Whatever your “why” is, let it be bigger than any fear or doubt that creeps in. Let your goals and dreams be so important to you that any time the voice of insecurity rears its ugly head, you can squash it before it even starts. But you must start in the presence of fear and you must continue through it, if you want to see yourself achieve the goals you have set.


Fear is not any easy. Fear can be gripping and can stop you in your tracks. But I am telling you this, if whatever goal you are chasing is important enough, you will use fear to propel you forward. It may not happen the first time or even the second time, but find a way to use that negative for the outcome you wish to see.

What is your dream? What is the fear that’s holding you back from achieving it? Now how bad do you want to achieve your dream? If you said, “I want it bad” let’s get to work!

Are you ready to ride?

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